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March 18, 2020


To all our Recker Dental Patients, Friends, and Family:


Our dental office received notice from the Ohio State Dental Board authorities that we will need to be closed to perform certain dental procedures to reduce the risk of patients’ exposure to COVID19.  Among the procedures are routine dental cleanings.


We apologize to all concerned.  Patients will still have access to dental care if deemed absolutely necessary.  In the event of a severe dental emergency, patients should call Dr. Recker on his cell phone at 513-289-4313.


Our office will do our best to triage your calls, answer any questions and attend to emergencies.  The phone lines will be open during business hours and the emergency message option will be in place if you need to contact me.


We wish you all good health and wellness.  We will send updated emails when we have more information from the state of Ohio.  We know a lot of patients are prescheduled for various types of appointments.  Please be patient, as Julie works to contact you to confirm, cancel, or reschedule your appointments.


Dr. Recker




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